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         In Oct of 2016, I developed ITP as a reaction to taking oral EDTA and was hospitalized  with a platelet count of 3,000.  After more  than a week of hospitalization, IV prednisone and IV Ig treaments which did had little effect, I left the hospital with a platelet count of 3,000, went home with a recommendation from the hematologist for Promacta or N-Plate and having my spleen removed.  The nosebleeds, blood blisters in mouth and bruises were terrifying and the side effects of the prednisone where terrible.  I  started looking online for natural remedies for ITP, found one protocol using licorice root, which I started and it helped stop the nosebleeds.. 
         Then, thank God, I found Fuma Natural and Dr. Hoang. I started the ITP & Platelet kit and agrimonia. I was scared to abandon the licorice and Dr. Hoang worked with that.  A week or so after starting the herbs, my platelet count started going up and continued to go up with every weeks blood test until it was back to normal at 235,000 in a couple of months.  After my platelet counts started improving, the hematologist, thankfully realized the herbs were helping and started weaning me off prednisone.  He told he had worked with a hematologist from China who had successfully treated he his patient with herbs, so was very open minded to my taking an herbal approach and asked me to document the products I was taking.  Thank you Fuma Natural for your wonderful products and thank you so much Dr Hoang for your excellent advice on how best to use them.
A very thankful patient.
Terri Tolosko
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