"Hello, Dr. Hoang and Thank you so Very Much for speaking with me, for all your help, and the true devotion you have for helping so many. You are a treasure, and I am forever grateful that this is my karma to have you in my life as an extraordinary, wonderful, compassionate doctor. Thank you for sharing your teaching gift with me!!! May you be Eternally Blessed."
Liz S., Los Angeles, CA

Doctors like you make such a wonderful difference 
"Dear Dr. Hoang, You're are one of a kind. I can't Thank You enough for your Help! With much Gratitude!"
Laura G., Los Angeles, CA

"I have achieved with you an appreciation of your approach and caring unmatched by any other physician I have encountered and that includes 25 years in the health care field as an executive."
Brad Cars, Torrance, CA
"... It would make a nice 'Thank you,' gift for being such a great doctor. I think it's very brave of you to focus on energy medicine. I'm sure your professional colleagues give you grief about it."
Kathy G, Venice, CA
"It's nice to have a doctor that takes special interest in his patients and spends a little time like this. It starts with character and a genuine desire to serve and help people. It's rare now a days."
"Thanks for taking a few minutes with me today. It really puts my mind at ease. Makes it worth the 150 miles roundtrip. I am glad I came."
Rich S., San Diego, CA
Thank you for listening to me today. I appreciate everything you do to help me. As I said, there are not too many doctors out there that get to the bottom of things right away. They take their time. As with you, you cut through it all. That's why you will always be the one I trust. Thank you again.
Theresa M., TX
"I am extremely grateful and quite impressed with your level of knowledge and attention to detail, and I just want to thank you sincerely for everything you've done so far!"
Michael T., Canoga park, CA