Cancer Can Be Cured Testimonial

Thursday, July 21, 201612:58 AM(View: 10671)
Cancer Can Be Cured Testimonial

I was biopsied suspecting prostate cancer on Feb 3rd 2011, confirmed to be Gleason 6 stage after prostate biopsy analysis. Despite historic low PSA, and general good health, my conventional doctors recommended that I do commit to prostate removal to be safe from potential growth of cancerous cells beyond the prostate boundaries. I was scheduled for prostatectomy on 10th March 2011.

In the time interval to the scheduled prostatectomy I searched and learned that there are other options to curing cancer, which were not accepted by the conventional doctors. I researched the alternative options available, like Gerson Therapy and other similar curing processes, and decided to refuse the prostatectomy, and searched the natural medicine methods to cure my cancer, rather than accept the conventional treatments. I went to see Dr. Huy Hoang, M.D., who was the source of the needed knowledge I have learned, collected, and applied to eliminate my prostate cancer. Dr. Huy Hoang, and his fine and friendly staff at NATURAL HEALTH MEDICAL CENTER, are located in Lawndale, California, can be reached by 310-479-2266. They supported me in the journey I started with them in search of natural ways to cure my prostate cancer.

I started a journey of learning about cancer cell behavior, importance of healthful food, and looked at my body as a complex system. We did tests to measure my body health status: We started with some “cancer marker” tests, like PHI tests, heavy metal provocation tests which measured the level of heavy metal toxicity in my body, also initiated major change in my diet, all in a focused manner to increase my body immune system. Also, I augmented my diet with supplements to eliminate the toxins, and eliminating the cancerous cells.

I removed sugar and all food with sugar from my diet. Also, avoided animal food, including dairy products, that could have been fed hormones. I tried not to consume vegetables grown using pesticide, as much as possible. I did a series of chelations to reduce the heavy metal toxins from my body. In order to measure the effects of the new natural diet, as well as my body cleaning measures. I measured and tracked my blood PSA, urine PCA3, and Toxin level tests. In order to conclusively verify the affectivity of this natural healing process, in September 2011, I committed to the 2nd biopsy at UCLA, which proved negative for cancer. The urologist analyzing the results of the second biopsy declared that I was cancer free.

In summary, I think that it was a change in diet, the chelation and the supplements, all together contributed to the remission of cancer. I will continue what I have learned and will monitor the "cancer markers” to make sure to enjoy my good fortune and good health during the rest of my journey.

I have collected data and knowledge about food, which continually changed as I learned ne knowledge, and caused to modify my diet. I have collected the results of my body tests and the knowledge of the foods I eat in attached appendix.

Levon P. Thorose
Los Angeles, Ca

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