Weight Loss Couple

Monday, September 10, 20183:27 PM(View: 8587)
Weight Loss Couple

In January 2017 blood tests indicated that my husband’s PSA numbers were steadily marching in the wrong direction and out of normal range.  After consulting with Dr. Hoang, my husband decided it would be best to follow the doctor’s advice: certain supplements to address the prostate concerns and a paleo diet.  Specifically, the diet included meat (i.e. chicken, beef, fish), vegetables, nuts, some fruit (i.e. berries). The no-no list included sugar, dairy, beans, and grain. In an effort to be supportive of my husband’s dietary changes, I changed my eating habits as well.  After 6 weeks, my husband lost 20 pounds and I lost 17. I was stunned by my personal weight loss, but I was more surprised at how much better I felt. Even the brain fog I had complained about was lifting and my husband’s PSA numbers were re-checked with a blood test and were now within normal range!  The next time we checked in with Dr. Hoang, he commented about the collective weight loss, excellent PSA numbers, and general well being of both of us and said, “Wow! Two for one!” Thanks Dr. Hoang for teaching us about the paleo diet and for prescribing the right supplements for my husband. Both of us feel so much better after having followed your advice!
-Martina Randall 

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