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TurboSonic Metabolism Stimulator




- Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
- Increases physical strength, dexterity and endurance

- Burns up to 290 calories in 10 minutes

- Dissolves cellulite
- Increases flexibility, range of motion, and mobility
- Relieves tension and chronic pain

- Speeds recovery from surgery

- An alternative to exercise for certain patients

Please call to find out more information. 

Acute Physiological Effects of Exhaustive Whole Body Vibration Exercise in Man

Acute Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Muscle Activity, Strength, And Power

The Anabolic Activity of Bone Tissue, Suppressed by Disuse, is Normalized by Brief Exposure to Extremely Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimuli

Whole Body Vibration Training in Multiple Sclerosis Patients - A Pilot Study

Oxygen Uptake During Whole Body Vibration Exercise: Comparison with Quatting as a Slow Voluntary Movement 

Oxygen Uptake in Whole Body Vibration Exercise: Influence of Vibration Frequency, Amplitude, and External Load

Effects of Whole Body Vibration Exercise on the Endocrine System of Healthy Men

Hormonal Response to Whole Body Vibration in Men

Effects of 24 Weeks of Whole Body Vibration Training on Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Untrained Females

Lactate Production During Training of Running Musculature on an Oscillating Platform

Comparing The Effects of Different Whole Body Vibration Intensities on Verical Jump Performance

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