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Dr. Hoang recommends a nutritional program that helps to balance the protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements of each individual.
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Monday, October 14, 20198:55 PM
Do u guys take PPo insurance?
Tuesday, July 9, 20196:37 PM
Hi, I am interested in knowing more about Dr. Hoang's services as they pertain to health and weight maintenance. I am in good shape, healthy and exercise frequently but feel like I've been having trouble losing a few extra pounds. As I am turing 40 this year, I'd like to have blood work done that will look at my hormone levels and metabolics and determine if I should alter my diet or avoid certain foods that may not agree with me. Please let me know if this is something the doctor offers and if he accepts insurance. If no insurance, can you please let me know which blood tests he will suggest so that I may check with my insurance company to see if they'll cover the cost of the tests and then I'll cover the cost of the visits.
Sunday, May 19, 20197:02 PM
Im in need of a nutritionist, can I set up an appointment
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