Weight loss

Thursday, July 21, 201612:14 AM(View: 11558)
Weight loss
I tried many weight loss programs. The diet and the Turbosonic machine helped me. I went from 115 to 105 pounds which was my target. All the staff was very supportive and I have since returned for the maintenance program.

My goal was to lose about 25 pounds in the 8 week program. I learned about nutrition and what had caused me to put on weight originally. The program helped me go from 180 pounds all the way down to a slim 154 pounds-I have educated myself so that I can control any future spikes. You can see my measurements below and the changes that occurred after the program. Thank you Chris Wheeler and Dr. Hoang and all Natural Health Medical Center staff.

Measurement from 1/11:
Weight 182
Resting Pulse 65
Resting Pulse 65
Blood Pressure 131/76
Body Fat 40.3%
BMI 30.3
Arm 11 in
Waist 36 in
Chest 40 in
Thigh 21 in
Hips 45.5 in
2nd Waist at Belly Button 43 in

Measurement from 4/5:
Weight 162.6
Resting Pulse 60
Blood Pressure 129/85
Body Fat 36.9%
BMI 27
Arm 11 in
Waist 30.5 in
Chest 37 inThigh 19.5 in
Hips 40 in
2nd Waist at Belly Button 38 in

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