Food Allergy and Low Back Pain

Thursday, July 21, 201612:55 AM(View: 13214)
Food Allergy and Low Back Pain

"As a practicing physician I write this testimonial with great pleasure and gratitude. I brought my father (a grumpy surgeon) to see Dr. Hoang. Dr. Hoang was able to get to the root of my father's medical issues on the first office visit and actually helped him more than any physician has ever done, including myself. My father suffers from food intolerance's and weakness and within 2 weeks he started eating foods that he's avoided for years. His overall health and energy have greatly improved and I'm excited to see how he progresses.I feel indebted to Dr. Hoang and Chris Wheeler. They both helped me tremendously and gave me hope. I wish more doctors could be like Dr. Hoang.I recommend this clinic and all the healing modalities it has to offer highly and without reservation."

-Simmi Goyle MD
Redondo Beach, CA

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