Knee Infection

Thursday, July 21, 201612:46 AM(View: 10310)
Knee Infection

"In late 2007, I caught a Staph infection, I was admitted to the VA hospital in Loma Linda, California. After a short time I was sent home with a PIC line and gave my medication twice a day. In January 2008, my medication was changed to a prescription, in a few weeks the infection settled in my left knee replacement and created a fever. I continued to take medication for over a year (infromed the prescription were $1,000 and the fever was not cured.) The fever led to soreness and I was on a walker, the lab reports show infection existed in my blood. The Ortho Deartment was going to remove my knee, place an infectious ball for sixty to ninety days then install a replacement knee. A compassionated outside dentist referred me to Doctor Huy Q. Hoang, for the fever in my knee, in four treatments the fever in my left knee was gone, in a few more treatments the lab reported the infection was gone. Then the lab reported the antibiotics had hardend my kidneys."

Clyde Carr, Morongo Valley, California

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